Having an instructional partner is a great way to bring in another expert into the learning design as well as bring in differnt ideas.  So why not make a producer an instructional partner?  They are an excellent source of information and will bring in a large amount of skill to the experience. Here are five ideas that you can use to bring them into your session as an instructional partner.

Treat Them As An Equal Part of the Session

Simply put, treating them as an equal part of the session gives them ownership.  Take the time to build a relationship with the producer so you will appear as instructional partners. Develop your ideas together and consult each other on techniques, resources and ideas you can use to shape the session.

Trust Them and the Expertise They Bring The Class

Build opportunities into the design of the session so each of you can showcase your own expertise.  In some cases you might have areas of expertise that are in common with each other, but the areas that you don’t share common ground is where each instructor can bring in their own expertise, allowing each of you to shine during the session. 

Treat Them As a Partner / Co-Facilitator

Create unique opportunities for them to be a learning experience architect.  Allow them to bring in their expertise as well as letting them bring in their own PLN and resources.  You can work together to construct a great learning experience, facilitate the team and then coordinate how the learning experience is delivered during the session.

Give The Producer The Opportunity To Warm Up The Audience

This is a great opportunity for the producer to take center stage and lead the group and prepare them for what is coming next. They’re not a “warm up”, instead they are part of a much bigger learning experience that is rich with different areas of expertise, techniques and ideas. 

Collaboration Is Key

Collaboration is a great team building exercise, and that’s is how you’ll come across during the session  A teammate is great opportunity for both of you to dive into your Personal Learning Network (PLN) to bring in another expert ideas, showcase your own talents as well as puts everything on the table and each of you can build off each others strengths while filling in the gaps in areas where you need help.  It’s a commitment on all sides, but as long as there is open dialog, trust and collaborative efforts from all involved, then you and your producer can be instructional partners.

Bobby Carlton is the Executive Director of Immersive Learning for Ready Learner One LLC and a writer for VRScout, as well as being a guest writer for STRIVR. He is an expert in AR/VR technology in the workplace and for socialVR/AR. He has been a panelist and/or moderator in virtual events held in Engage, AltSpaceVR, and Mozilla Hubs as well as real world events such as Learning Conference, Training Magazines TechLearn and their Training Expo and Conference. Lastly, he has published works with AIXR and the Masie Center, and is the technology expert on the UK’s nationally syndicated TalkRadio and TalkSport. Follow Bobby on Twitter at @bcarlton727

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