We are each made for goodness, love and compassion. Our lives are transformed as much as the world is when we live with these truths.

– Desmond Tutu 

We have all been touched in some way by the dramatically changing world around us. For some of us, the transformation has been easier and for others the struggles have been real and, in some circumstances, painful. As we all work through this transformation together, let us collectively remember to treat one another and ourselves with true compassion. 

That said, honestly, things have been a bit stressful… and we all can stray from leading with compassion – we are human, and we all make mistakes. As you are working through each day, consider these tips when you interact with your coworkers, family and friends: 

• Everyone is coping differently 

TIP: People have different coping mechanisms. Some of us are taking in as much information as possible, while others are trying to limit the amount of news they take in. Once we accept this fact it helps to understand how coworkers react differently when discussing news updates. 

• Our coworkers are not being affected in the same ways 

TIP: Some of us have had changes in circumstances such as being tasked with homeschooling children or having parents or older relatives who they are concerned about. Remember this when considering how to approach your fellow team members. 

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• Be generous with your interpretations 

TIP: When you’re finding it difficult to stay positive, remind yourself that you are capable and are surrounded by others who are also capable at their jobs. 

• Don’t beat yourself up 

TIP: Did you say something that you now regret? Remember to have compassion for yourself, not just others. Realize that you are also under stress and practice self-forgiveness while reminding yourself of how you want to better yourself for the future. 

If we work every day to lead with compassion, we will do our part in making this situation more manageable for all of us. We are in this together and this is our opportunity to come through the other side stronger and better connected to one another. 

Let Compassion Lead! Want to learn more about the importance of compassion in the workplace? You can read more HERE

Katya London is an HR professional with over 15 years of experience.

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