Our educational systems: primary, secondary, and higher education deliver content through predetermined curriculum. For progress to be made in preparing learners for their future, we must understand curriculum as a dynamic, iterative cultural artifact. Historically, educational curricular shifts have gone from Socratic dialogue, to master-apprentice programs, to humanities enrichment, to STEM focus, each with varying degrees of equitable access. Gaps in equity have led to economic-driven curricular designs. In recent years, access to learning has increased dramatically, not just the privilege of the elite. We can now focus our curricular priorities to address the needs of our global society. With this in mind we need a curriculum that is culturally responsive aimed at simply making the world a better place. This paper addresses curricular evolution at a global level with insights for the future of learning. #SDGs #UN #STEM.

Access A Globalized Curriculum: The Next Evolution of Education paper here.

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