Ready Learner One is excited to announce that HTC VIVE has donated HTC VIVE VR headsets to every Ready Learner One Learning Innovations Lab to bring VR technology into learning environments for K12, higher education, and workforce education.

Using the HTC Vive to deliver VR into the learning experience will give the instructional design team at Ready Learner One the ability to explore learning possibilities that aren’t possible through traditional learning. With HTC Vive technology, learners will have access to an amazing education tool that can transport them to historical sites around the world, take them back in time, or into a futuristic world, where they can have an emotional and physical experience.

Data shows that individuals who learn using VR are able to learn more in less time, able to fail forward without real world consequences, and more confident to explore solutions.

Learning using VR is engaging and learners are eager to jump into the learning experience.

The focus of the Ready Learner One team is to always be instructional design forward with AR and VR technology being a powerful tool and playing a pivotal role in the learning process.

Micah Shippee, CEO of Ready Learner One talked about the partnership saying, “HTC has a reputation of producing high-end equipment and supporting premier VR experiences. We believe this sponsorship will only magnify both of our efforts in the training and learning spaces.”

Ready Learner One will use the HTC Vive headset to deliver VR training tools to all levels of learners at their Global Learning Innovations Labs.

For more information, please reach out to Bobby Carlton, Executive Director of Immersive Learning for Ready Learner One at

About Ready Learner One: We are a New York based company with offices in New York City and Mount Kisco. Our approach encompasses the analysis of learning and performance problems, through the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of new instructional strategies focused on improving practices in, educational institutions and the workplace.

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