While distance learning has certainly challenged our antiquated educational system in the United States, and possibly abroad as well, there are many positives that have emerged from the crisis.  One of those positives is the incredible outpouring of support for educators across all content areas and all grade levels. While theaters, art studios, fitness centers, and music studios across the globe are shutting their doors to protect against COVID-19, there are virtual windows opening left and right to provide access for students to the arts.

Have you ever dreamed of taking your students to a Broadway show but travel, cost, and logistics got in your way?  Do you wish you could take your students to Carnegie Hall to hear some of the most accomplished musicians in the world but just can’t make it happen?  Do you dream of engaging your students in accomplished yoga on a daily basis but can barely get through your lessons as is? Do you have hopes of inspiring your students’ most creative side through famous works of art but have no means of physically getting them to an art studio?  What if all of those people, places, and experiences could be brought directly into your students homes? Well, they can!

Are your students fans of the Pigeon stories of the famed Mo Willems?  If so, did you know that Mo Williems is offering drawing lessons for kids to learn how to create Pigeon and his friends?  This is a great way to incorporate an arts lesson that also aligns with literature and the interests of young readers. This is a great way to engage learners in developing their own plots and storylines and then use the skills taught by Mo Willems to illustrate their story.  For a more mature take on art analysis, students can explore the artistic masterpieces of Vincent Van Gogh through the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Whether studying art history or technical art concepts- this is an opportunity to explore from afar.

Looking to expose students to the abundance of Broadway shows that exist?  Luckily, Playbill is offering access to over 15 different shows. This resource can be used to inspire storytelling and creative writing, teach technical theater skills, or as a prompt for review writing.  Further, this resource is just a great way to foster cultural growth in students as we conquer distance learning. Not to mention, it is much cheaper than Center Orchestra seats!

The Ready Learner One team is proud to offer you the following focused compilation of resources to assist you with identifying the best tools that promote visual and performing arts and movement to support your learners, not only during distance learning but also once we are able to return to the classrooms. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post in the Ready Virtual Learner One Series focusing on Social & Emotional Learning- Keeping it Prevalent.  Wishing you good health!

Visual, Performing, and Movement Arts

Broadway– Playbill is offering 15 Broadway shows to watch for free through streaming services.

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems  Learn to draw characters like Pigeon and others!

Prodigies Free Music Lessons

Music Play Online

Crayola Create At Home

Ten Incredible Virtual Art Museum Tours– This resource offers tours of the amazing museums of Guggenheim, Bilbao, Natural History Museum, London, J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, Vatican Museums, Rome, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Guggenheim Museum, New York, Picasso Museum, Barcelona, British Museum, London.

Movement Apps, Games, and Websites (via CommonSense Media)

About the author: Christine Lion-Bailey is the Chief Strategy Officer for Ready Learner One LLC and a Director of Technology & Innovation in New Jersey. She is also is the coauthor of Reality Bytes: Innovative Learning Using Augmented and Virtual Reality. Christine is an advocate for innovative thought and practices in learning, both through instruction and leadership, across K-12, higher ed, and corporate spaces. Follow Christine on Twitter at @clionbailey.

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