The Learner’s Manifesto: How to Keep the Learner in Learning
Allison Anderson

Technology is cool. People are cooler. As learning professionals, we have spent years developing technology and diversifying training to include technology-based solutions. Whether it’s online learning, mobile training, VR – technology has helped us expand our reach and increase our impact. Technology is great! However, how often have we gotten super excited about technology, at the expense of the human experience. What happens when we forget about the person using our technology-based learning solutions? What can we do to keep our eyes on the prize? Is your goal a cool technical solution, or increased skills, improved human experience and development of the workforce? Where is the balance? In this session, we will begin our journey toward keeping the learner in mind.

How to Leverage LinkedIn in a Hybrid Workplace
Navah Berg

Level up your career remotely or in the office by utilizing the tools that LinkedIn offers to increase your clout, network with decision makers and create personal brand awareness around your subject matter to the right audience at the right time.

Franky: A Chatbot for Burnout
Paul Bills

Franky is a chatbot built in a partnership between Mobile Coach and Energx. Franky is built on scientific data and hands-on corporate experience with personal burnout and aims to help learners discover their own energy patterns and learn to manage their energy better so they have the energy they need for what matters most. In this session, we’ll show how Franky works and talk about how it was developed. We’ll also talk about how it’s helped other learners so far and what improvements could yet be made to Franky’s design.

How to Create a Podcast for Workforce Engagement
Jason Brown

This is an intro course on how to correctly create and record a podcast to be used internally or to be posted on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. From the gear needed, to correct recording techniques, to editing, to uploading your final session, this 30 minute course will act an introduction to the quickly expanding world of podcasting in ways that can be used for the learning culture in your workforce, or for consumer engagement.

The Art of Speaking: Strategies on Effective Communication
Joy Lanceta Coronel

Whether you’re new to public speaking, English is not your native language, or public speaking simply terrifies you, we explore strategies on how to achieve confidence, fluency, and presence. What we mostly find is that our presence, self-perception, and connection to the audience is one of the most vital elements of speaking. We will also address the challenges of presenting and speaking on Zoom and other video platforms.

Using Cloud Based Tools to Save Time and Create Accessible Content
Daniel Grey

It’s stunning that in 2021 a significant majority of corporate training is developed that is not accessible. Using cloud based tools, my team has undergone the process of streamlining our content and adding making it accessible for a whole new audience. In this session, we will discuss best practices for using text-to-speech narration, adding captions your online courses, the basics to consider when selecting a color pallet for your team, as well as accessible terminology to remove from your courses that you likely never even considered were excluding learners.

Coffee with Cary: How Virtual Training Became an Emotional Touchpoint
Cary Harlow

Getting creative with work during the pandemic quarantine was a challenge for everyone. This session will detail our experience of creating a daily virtual workshop during the early days of COVID that flipped all the norms for a typical virtual training turning a quick daily connect into an emotional and resonant support space for our employees.

Getting Started With Augmented Reality: Low Cost, No Code, AR Development
Destery Hildenbrand

In this session, we will be exploring the ZapWorks Studio Platform and how you can get started developing unique AR experiences without writing a single line of code. Augmented reality is a fantastic technology, and getting started is easier than ever before. As a designer, educator, marketer, or training professional, AR is another tool you can put into your development toolbox. Not sure if AR is for you? What’s holding you back? Little or no coding experience? No problem! Although coding is a great skill, with Studio, you can still create engaging and immersive experiences without knowing any. Not sure if AR is suitable for you or your company? With an expected one billion users by the end of 2021, chances are AR will influence at least a few of your potential clients or customers. The biggest question you are left with now is how do I get started.
In this session, we will explore how you can get started developing augmented reality today. You will discover the UI and functionality of Zap works Studio, leverage existing templates to quickly create 3D interactive AR experiences, and publish your experiences to share with the world. Throughout the session, you will also discover potential uses for AR in different industries. Utilizing one of the more reliable authoring tools on the market today, you will recognize better how and why creating AR can be right for you.

How VR Can Supercharge Soft Skills Training

In this session we will go over how VR technology has the ability to elevate soft skills training and help you become better at your job, or help you be better at developing your employees in customer interactions as well as work colleagues. This won’t be a deep dive into VR tech, but more about ways you can blend it into your current learning environment and the companies who are currently using it.

Paying Attention Mindfully – Why Attention is Fundamental to Success at Work
Jennifer Monness

This session will explore why attention is fundamental to so many different aspects of being successful in the workplace. In particular, it will highlight why attention is essential to learning, storing and retrieving information, professional effectiveness, cognitive flexibility and adaptability and cultivating a positive mental attitude. Mindfulness tools and techniques will be shared to help employees manage the oftentimes overwhelming demands of one’s attention including juggling endless emails, phone calls, around the clock availability, and constant zoom meetings. The session ends with discussion about the myths around attention and multi-tasking and why it is so crucial to integrate mindfulness tools into one’s day to overcome the challenges to our attention in the workplace and train this extremely important muscle.

Protecting Your Business Against Cyber Threats
Gordon Platt

This session will focus on how business leaders can best prepare and safeguard their operations against cyber attacks and other threats that have become pervasive and unavoidable.

COVID-19 Delivered a Learning Culture
Rio Rios

This is the story of how we went from “We are never going to make it working remotely” to significantly exceeding all performance expectations and more. In this session you will see how COVID-19 forced a dramatic change on how we worked at Nike. Initially we wondered how we were going to survive or even keep our jobs, but what no one expected was that it helped L&D establish a Learning Culture that not just helped us adapt but even surpass our organizational goals. It also promoted leadership development and diversity, equity and inclusion.

Adapt Framework: Unleashing Interactive eLearning with a State of the Art Open Source Authoring Tool
Enzo Silva & Mark D’Aquin

In this session you will learn the benefits of Adapt Framework and what to expect when bringing it into your organization. Make learning accessible to all!