Cyber Security by Distance Learning: Safeguards Rule; SEC Sanctions; & Operational Resiliency

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Created by a technology attorney specializing in intellectual property, data privacy and security, who dedicates his practice to advising companies on cybersecurity regulations and privacy compliance, this course covers the recent trends of cybersecurity in the finance space. 

This course covers a broad range of topics and provide real examples and tools of how your company can adhere to cybersecurity regulations and protect your company and employees. 

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Determine when a firm must adopt new cybersecurity policies and procedures – Safeguards Rule 
  • Explain what is required to enact companywide cybersecurity risk management 
  • Recall best practices for risk mitigation – SEC regulations
  • Identify the principles of operational resilience
  • 30 minute on-demand video
  • Receive a certificate of completion
  • Provided with Advanced Results reporting